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I met his fate resting on the sea, plan ahead, even children. Separated me from Sonia urgent call. Because impatient circumstances I left, I was robbed on the road, including phones. Apart from the room, there was no connection. He tried to find her, went to her in the city, but to no avail. My friends…

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Oksana and Sergey

Had to install video cameras in his apartment, afraid of an innocent suspect. But now we have direct evidence against our child sitting in the theft of money and explains the reluctance of his son to stay with her while we are at work. Thank you for the service.

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I express my appreciation and gratitude for what you have to quickly find my best childhood friend, who has lost touch with many years ago. My attempts were unsuccessful. Thank you once again.

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Private detective in Ukrainian


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The legitimacy of private investigation in Ukraine

Is the work of private investigation in Ukraine the law? The question is quite difficult because many of these organizations are now working as news agencies that produce information investigation. But also there is no law that would regulate the work of the detectives that also makes some confusion in the situation. That is what caused what is now considered the question of legalization of the activity to have had no doubt that private detectives do not just exist in our country, but also can work legitimately.

What are the scope and limits of detectives expect?

It is not necessary to say with great confidence that the private detectives Ukraine really work underground. It would be very unfair to him. Just another state does not provide for those regulatory issues that would have a more complete clarity to the work of this segment of the market, especially since the activities of the detectives - this is not just the provision of services, and indeed the format that is on the border of legality. But this does not mean that they have no right to work, and even more so does not mean that they are banned. But there are some services that are outside the law. This includes wiretapping facilities, conducting surveillance.

But there is hope that it is the bill that was submitted to the Parliament a further 12 April will put everything in its place. This law is very wide open door to the detectives, allowing them even holding video. But to collect information about the private life of objects, to delve into their political and religious interests, it will still prohibited.

Themselves detectives enough watch out for the changes that must occur in their work, which is understandable, because they immediately fall under the control of the Interior Ministry services that can bring to justice all perpetrators. And even the fact of legalization will not be able to brighten a danger to cross the border. But as the experience of other countries where such a law has long been operating, plus all the big names for the country. This allows you to establish close cooperation between the detectives and law enforcement. And there are cases where representatives of the government simply delegate certain things to his colleagues of detective agencies.

Service for the deceived spouses

Given the fact that the registration of detective agencies in Ukraine are not engaged in any one institution, then this connection is extremely difficult to pinpoint the number. But when you consider unofficial figures, they reach about two thousand agencies. And, if you believe the words themselves employees of private investigation, they do not experience any shortage of customers.

We were able to communicate with the coordinator of the detective agency "Conrad" Yuri Conrad. He says he is also extremely difficult to determine the percentage of who is most often becomes a client of detectives. But most likely, it is these people are mostly just individuals. And one of the main problems with which the address is associated with the search for people. And seek not only can those who suddenly disappeared from the house, or simply run away, as it applies mostly to teenagers, but simply those who, for whatever reasons, to separate the time. Also, try to find ex-husbands who do not pay child support debtors, swindlers. There are cases of the request to find some pop star or a movie. That is the detective agency come with those issues, which are not engaged in law enforcement. And the next most pressing issues associated with infidelity. But do not hurry up and wait for miracles, even a detective agency. Sometimes it is possible to detect the presence of a lover or mistress quickly enough. And sometimes it takes more time, much of which is spent on the preparation of a complex of elementary events.

When applying the detective agency, it should be understood that it is not the cheapest pleasure you can afford. For example, search for people cost the client no less than two hundred and fifty - five hundred dollars, but the detection of the crime adulterer will cost about three hundred and fifty dollars a day. But perhaps marital happiness has no price.

Not little activity at the moment with his hand showing and entrepreneurs. According to Osipov, they seek to best protect your business, spend a variety of inspection of all its staff, in what it professionally help detectives looking for spyware and disclose financial fraud. Naturally, all this is done without having the expertise is simply impossible. One of the most sought after in the business circles of services related to the collection of information about competitors and partners. But in identifying scams greatly helps the lie detector, use the value of which is about one and a half thousand hryvnia. If you decide that you need to check the premises for in order to find bugs and hidden video monitoring, in which case you will need to pay not less than ten dollars for a study of one square meter.

Exposing the act

Taking into account the specifics of private detectives, there is nothing surprising in the fact that they are sometimes faced with the very unpredictable and curious cases. He recalls Yu.Konrad was once the case when at their detective agency asked the man to identify his wife's infidelity. And it would be surprising if it did not appear any suspicions about her, not just because the husband was too late to come home, but she had her jewelry that did not exist before. In this situation, the detectives did not take too long to figure out that the woman appeared not a lover in secret, and your own business.

But the couple come to the detective agency not only to determine changes or does not change the second half, but with the aim simply to provoke. And was the situation when a man approached and ordered the surveillance of one man, who turned out to be himself. The man decided to check how experienced are employees of this particular detective agency. His expectations were met.

Another situation was linked to the exposure of workers to unscrupulous companies. Investigators have created a great legend. They planned to introduce one of its members under the guise of "Sales Manager". But the client is already on the first day before the team opened all their cards, saying that appealed to the detective agency to identify the perpetrators. And now the detective work among them, but no one will guess what it is he is. Feelings that same detective convey just extremely difficult.
In preparing the material assistance rendered serious detective agency "Conrad".

What happens in other countries?

Of course, always understand what lies ahead, it makes the experience of other countries. And you can see what is happening in America, in Russia, Israel or India, where detectives work legally for quite some time. For example, in Russia after the adoption of the law on private investigation only in the first two years the number of agencies has increased once on 7000. But in America, the budget of such organizations in half more than the budget of the police.

Article from the room: "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" №16 dated 21 April 10
Published: April 22 to 10 (19:37)

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